Designer’s Port is operated by Interior Designers Prashant Taldevkar and Yogita Taldevkar. They create spaces that are warm, inviting and timeless. Every project be it home, office or shop has a distinct personality and ambience.

With over 15 yrs of experience behind we have designed residential and commercial spaces inside and outside Mumbai city.

We always stick to customer’s needs and lifestyle. Giving more importance to comfort as well as the look of the place. The work is simple, minimalistic being crisp. We give preferences for using natural elements like light, stone to create beautiful and environmentally suitable sites. The achievement as a designer is to create spaces that have personality and uniqueness.


Our aim to add value to people’s everyday life.


We will maintain high level of ethics, teamwork and professionalism with a caring attitude towards our customer.
We are the successful company that provides best design solutions and services that satisfy customer needs.


We are customer focused and create special experience for them.
We value Integrity and equal opportunities.
We are result oriented.
We value innovative ideas and seek to involve our people in everything we do.